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The first time I heard about Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio was in architectural school. (I might have heard it before in geometry classes when I was younger, but I didn’t pay much attention). It turns out, these numbers can be found throughout nature, architecture, music, hurricanes, spiral galaxies and more! You can also apply them to your design projects.


The Golden Ratio is a design concept that has been used all throughout history to create visually appealing proportions in art, architecture, design, and even the human body. As it turns out, the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence get closer and closer to the Golden Ratio the further down the sequence you go (as you can see from the images above).
Next time you’re building out the structure of a design, try using the Fibonacci Sequence. The smaller range of the sequence (8, 13, 21, 34, 55) can help you decide on margins, line heights and font sizes. The higher range of the sequence (144, 233, 377, 610, 987) can easily help you decide column widths and other section dimensions.
The use of space is what holds a design together. Precise and effective space management can make the difference between an average design and an amazing one. Our mind is constantly seeking some reason, pattern or rationale for what we are seeing. This is especially true of spacing, sizing and proportions. So why not use a sequence that we see all the time in art and nature?

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